BUILD UP Skills is an EU Initiative to improve the qualification and skills of Europe's building workers which are essential to build, equip and renovate buildings of high energy performance. The Initiative focuses on continuing education of craftsmen and other on-site building workers.
From strategy to action: Based on agreed national roadmaps the BUILD UP Skills Initiative will support the introduction or upgrade of concrete qualification schemes on regional, national and multi-national level.
Get engaged! BUILD UP Skills brings together all relevant stakeholders in national platforms to exchange on training and qualification of the building workforce on energy-efficiency and renewable energy. Professional chambers, trade unions, industries, experts on training...
Contribute to national priority setting: a key achievement of BUILD UP Skills will be endorsed national roadmaps pinpointing to the most important changes and concrete measures needed in the continuous education system of the building sector.
Barriers to the training of building workers from various crafts will be identified. The need for improved skills to ensure significant energy savings in buildings will be quantified and priority measures for the up-skill of on-site construction workers will be established.
Share and win: New skills and qualifications for the building sector are a common challenge across Europe. 30 European countries have joined forces and work together, to share their ideas and findings and to learn from each other.

The National Qualifications Platform is a network of ministries, faculties, association, contacts and organisations that are involved with ensuring that a competent and qualified national workforce is in place to achieve the EU 2020 energy efficiency targets.


National authorities
- Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia
- Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia  
- Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Macedonia  
- Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of the Republic of Macedonia  
- Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Macedonia  
- Deputy Prime Minister Office of the Republic of Macedonia in charge of
  economic affairs and coordination of economic sectors
- Secretariat for European Affairs - Republic of Macedonia  
- Employment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia (AVRM)  
- State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia   
- Energy Agency of Republic of Macedonia (EARM)  
- Adults Education Center of the Republic of Macedonia
- Municipality of Karpos
- Municipality of Gazi Baba
- Municipality of Ohrid
- City of Skopje
Education institutions
- Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
- Faculty of Civil Engineering
- Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
- Faculty of Architecture - Republic of Macedonia
- High School of the City of Skopje "Georgi Dimitrov" - Skopje
- High School of the City of Skopje " Zdravko Cvetkovski" Skopje
Building sector
- Civil Engineering Institute "Makedonija" JSC - Skopje (CEI)
- DG Beton AD Skopje
- GTD BETON-Stip AD Stip
- Knauf -  Skopje
- Bortas Doo Skopje
- Adora Inzinering Skopje
- Gradba Inzenering-2002
- Zikol
- Geing KUK Skopje
- Geokontrol-Strumica
- Prototip Skopje
- Tondah Makedonija AD Vinica
- Termal Comfort
- G.I.M. - Skopje
- Delta proekt doo Skopje
- Eko – Inzenering dooel Prilep
- Tehno Bitola
- ABO Grup
- Toplifikacija – Inzenering dooel HVAC & EE design & engineering
- Biro Proekt Doo Skopje
- SUN farming Office Macedonia
- TZS i S DOO Skopje
- Porta 3
- FRMSP Skopje
- Vedralit DOOEL Skopje
- Tehno Bitola
- Euro Kiwi Consultant
- VEB Biljana
- KOZMA B dooel
Associations (Unions, Chambers...)
- Economic Chamber of Macedonia
- Chamber of Architects and Engineers in the Republic of Macedonia
- Biznis Konfedaricija na Makedonija
- INCOM ENGINEERING - Association of Civil, Construction, Building Materials and nonmetals
- ZELS - Association of the Units of Local Self-Government of the Republic of Macedonia
- Chamber of Craft of Skopje
- Federation of Associations of technical culture of RM
Training Providors (NGO, institutions, companies...etc)
- Zdruzenie na biznis konsultanti – ZBK Kreacija
- Integrated Business Faculty (IBF)
- MACEF-Macedonian Centar for Energt Efficiency
- Habitat Makedonija
- Ceprosard Skopje
- Engineering Institution of Macedonia
- GEC – German Centar for Energy Efficiency
- OGUDU Koco Racin Skopje
- Farmahem
- Regionalen Biznis centar Skopje
Internation institutions
- Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Macedonia
- World bank
- Embassy of Sweden in R.M
- EBRD TAM BAS Programe

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